We believe in the power of education and research to build a brighter future for all Australians. That's why we partner with Australian universities to help them build strong and vibrant university communities.

A University Community Bank® is not like a traditional bank branch, because profits generated can be reinvested back into projects that matter to your university community. It is a true partnership.

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Let's make great things happen together!

Community Bank® at your university is no longer new territory - you won't be going it alone. We can help you to unite your staff, students and alumni to benefit your university community, by simply doing their banking.

We will reinvest profits into your universities community. It could be more scholarships, support for clubs, funding for research, or projects that make your university an even better place to study and work.

Shared value means strengthening the connection between corporate and community success. A Community Bank® at your university would be part of a network that's instrumental to the shared value movement.

How it works

A University Community Bank® offers a competitive suite of banking and financial products.

  1. Staff, students and alumni open an account, take out a loan, a credit card, or buy insurance
  2. Profits generated are shared with your university community
  3. Decisions on where the profits are invested are made by your university community