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Trying Bendigo is easier than ever

If your bank isn’t doing the right thing by you, change to one you can feel better about.

Here are four big reasons to try Bendigo.

  1. Australia’s 5th largest retail bank
  2. 1.6 million customers
  3. Competitive products. Innovative service
  4. $200 million back to communities

We can move your regular debits and credits from your old financial institution to your new Bendigo Bank account.

We can also help you switch your personal loan or change your mortgage to Bendigo Bank or you can search for a mobile lender near you to arrange an appointment.

Step 1. Open an account

Our convenient transaction accounts let you easily manage your money.

The minimum opening balance is $1 and it takes just five minutes to apply online.

Step 2. Identify

To allow us to move your regular payments across to your new account, fill in the switch of regular payment arrangements form.

We’ll send you your Regular Payments List for review.

Step 3. Notify

After you have reviewed your Regular Payments List, and decided which payments you would like to switch and/or cancel, let us know and we'll notify your suppliers.

Step 4. Payments

Your regular direct debits and credits should start coming through your Bendigo Bank account within days. At this time, you can close your account at your old financial institution.

If you would like to handle the change of your regular payments yourself, please use the following templates: